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Funny items for a Tuesday

Why not to have children in a wedding:

"I hate it when people put their toddlers in weddings and end up pushing them down the aisle. It's not like we don't all see this, and it detracts from the sacredness of the moment to see the fat bottom of some woman in a silk shantung suit duck-walking down the aisle going, 'Go on now, Misty Rae! You can do it!' Inevitably this is greeted with tears, and the flower basket is tossed until the duck-mama gives up and says loud enough for everyone to hear, 'If you want that Dora's Talking Doll House, you'll move your ass down that aisle right now, little missy, you hear me?'" - Celia Rivenbark, Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank and Other Words of Delicate Southern Wisdom.

I'm still alive

2 days away from LiveJournal is an eternity for me. There's just been nothing to write about, except that I've been unpacking a lot.

As of last night, I am the proud owner of a Bob-O-Pedic Tempurpedic knockoff mattress. w00t! It's sweet.

Thursday is my court date to appeal Speeding Ticket #1. I sure hope the trooper who busted me has better things to do on a Thursday night in May than ensure that I pay $255 to the court.


I have arrived. I got ANOTHER speeding ticket. 75 in a 65, high speed lane. When I slowed down from 77, the guy behind me sped out going about 90 and I got pulled over. Nice judgment call, TJ Hooker. You all know how I feel about ragging on people who put their lives on the line so I can be safe, but seriously.

Aside from that my drive was...miserable. Yeah. Thoroughly miserable. Bank of America saw a transaction coming from Canada when I tried to put gas in my car and froze my account, so I had no money for that night and the morning until I went to a bank and got it fixed. And it poured rain after I left Mitch in Detroit so I couldn't drive faster than 40mph. And I hit road work and traffic. Overall a lousy drive and I'm glad it's done.

I guess that's all for now.


With the exception of handing in 2 papers, I am done for the year. This is my last post from Hillsdale until the fall. Not sure how well my Spanish final went, but I think I'll be able to keep my B. I hope so anyway. *crosses fingers and prays*

So yeah, no idea what the semester holds for me in terms of grades. I know I'm not getting my scholarship back. My Rhetoric grade is resting on my prof's mercy and grace. Unknown how I'm doing in American Lit either. A in piano, A in the CCA. So there's 2 credits of As. American Heritage is also unknown, but I'm predicting and hoping for a B. It's never as bad as I think it will be, and yet I still lose sleep.

Need to pack. I leave to drive Mitch to the airport at 2:30 and then head for HOME!

Here is my article for the Forum. The staff edited it but I'm too lazy to fix the original.
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Pretty impressive


I guess liberals aren't beyond hope after all. And this was at Planet U-Mass, too.

In the next 24 hours:
Study for Spanish final
Finish 2 American Heritage papers
Pack up my room
Get my tire checked for a leak
Do laundry.

SO close to The End...

Back at Hillsdale

I'm back, for a few days anyway. Nearly missed my connecting flight in Phoenix.

The Ranch was cool, as always. My camo pants grab heat and hold onto it for dear life. Maybe they weren't the best choice. I had an uncooperative horse on the horseback ride. There were 3 of us there from 2 years ago and 2 are graduating :(. I am a recertified conservative. I better make sure I get back next year.


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Chatting with Tammy Bruce. She's a really nice lady, and very interesting.

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Reagan pictures at the Reagan Ranch Center.

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Rutter & Me. Last name on the certificate is obscured because that would defeat the purpose of not using my last name online.

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Picture of a picture. My flash kind of obscured it but props go to anyone who can tell me what's wrong with Gorbachev's hat.

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Group shot. Where am I?

These and more are on Facebook. If you want to friend me search for Christina TM.

2 down 2 to go

Today I took my American Lit and Rhetoric finals. w00t! I sure hope I did well on my Rhetoric final...and the paper my prof let me rewrite...and the research paper. This guy's given me way more grace than I deserve so I really want to do well.

The End - 2 finals and 2 papers

I didn't get the Speakers' Bureau Director position with the CRs. They said they still want me to help. We'll see what happens.

Tomorrow is my pilgrimage to Mecca, otherwise known as the Club 100 trip. I shall return late Monday morning.

My hand hurts.


Today is study day, which for me = sleep day. I stayed up late last night doing homework. 2 finals tomorrow, American Lit and Rhetoric. I'm not as panicked as I should be about either.

I'm going to run for the speakers' bureau chair in the College Republicans. It would be kind of nice to have other people help me bring cool speakers to Hillsdale.

I got published in the Hillsdale Forum!!!! They are not sophisticated enough to publish online so I'll find the text of the article on my computer somewhere and post it. Also, I was the cover story.

I quit my job. Yep. Monday will be my last day as a gymnastics teacher.


Fashion emergency!

Yesterday I got an email notifying me and the other Club 100ers that we're going to the Reagan Ranch Center for dinner on Saturday night and we need to not look like slobs. The problem is all my dress clothes are packed and vacuum-sealed in space bags. So I have 2 options:

A: Open up the space bag, get my good clothes, and go through the hassle of resealing it.
B: Pair a plain T-shirt with decent pants and hope nobody notices my sneakers.

Overhauled my LJ last night. I don't think my icons will make Amelia as happy as last month's did, though I am rather pleased with my default. And yeah, pink kitties and flowers...not my usual thing. Hey it was next in line. Maybe I'm getting more in touch with my inner girly girl.

Last day of classes!!! w00t! Need to go study now...

Great Scott

Courtesy of Dr. Mike's latest article:


I have no words.

This morning's Rhetoric class was...wow. Since we really had nothing to do, our teacher said we could ask him anything we wanted because he's leaving and we'll never get another chance. After a few wisecracky ones such as: "How did you meet your wife?" and "What do you make of Tom Bombadil?" a student asked, "What do you like so much about CS Lewis?"

Being a rather large Lewis fan myself, I sat up a bit straighter. The prof went on for awhile about theological things and whatnot.

Then he said, "My favorite part of Lewis is at the very end of The Last Battle, when the Pevensie children go into New Narnia and..." And here the poor fellow got all choked up on us. "And it goes on and on forever, and it keeps getting better, and the story never ends. That's my hope for all of you."

Ah well, I suppose you had to both be there and be a mushy and emotional female to appreciate it. Call it too many Senior Nights at youth group when PA made comments like this. I hope I see this guy again someday and I can tell him my life has kept getting better. I hope my life keeps getting better.

Now I must discipline my mushy and emotional female mind to study for my Spanish oral exam.


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