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These Are the Voyages of Christina TM

Who you calling "Program," Program?

Christina TM
Jesus lover. Political animal. New Hampshire native transplanted to the DC metro area. Ballroom dancer and pianist on hiatus. Gun owner. Fan of the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Boston Bruins and Washington Nationals. Talk radio junkie. Reader. Writer. Grade-A nerd. Wife-to-be.

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http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2001441/1/ Lord of the Ringtones is a Lord of the Rings parody collaboratively written by arcticwolf489 and me. I'm not going to let her take all the credit so I'm posting a link to it.

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1st amendment, 2nd amendment, air force, airpower, american history, american studies, army, atlas shrugged, ayn rand, babylon 5, back to the future, ballroom dancing, battlestar galactica, big bang theory, boston bruins, boston red sox, c25k, caprica, cha cha, chicago code, christianity, christopher pike, chuck, cold war, conservatives, couch to 5k, cs lewis, dance, dancing, f14 tomcats, faith, fandom, fanfiction, fighter jets, firearms, firefly, fitness, foxtrot, glenn beck, glock, god, government, guns, gymnastics, health, helicopters, history, house, house md, httyd, hunger games, indiana jones, international latin, international standard, iron man, iwo jima, jag, james t kirk, jay severin, jean-luc picard, jesus, jive, john sheridan, laura ingraham, law, libertarianism, liberty, long hair, lord of the rings, marine corps, marines, men in uniform, military, military history, music, narnia, naval history, navy, ncis, new england patriots, night fury, patriotism, patton, photography, piano, pilates, planes, politics, psych, quickstep, reading, real steel, republican party, republicans, ronald reagan, rumba, running, rush limbaugh, salsa dance, samba, sci-fi, star trek, star trek 2009, star trek ds9, star trek enterprise, star trek tng, star trek voyager, star trek xi, star wars, stargate, suits usa, swimming, swing dance, tango, the a-team, the avengers, the constitution, the founding fathers, the green hornet, the middle, thomas jefferson, tron, viennese waltz, vince flynn, waltz, war heroes, warehouse 13, weaponry, web griffin, white collar, working out, wwii, yoga