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Friends Only


I do not tolerate jerks. I tolerate differences over politics, religion, fandom and sports. If you want to troll, you will find yourself unceremoniously kicked off my journal.

I used to be a faithful updater but over the past few years I don't write as much. If I am gone for a long time, it's just because life has gotten in the way. I pop up every now and then.

It's just not worth it

My grades came today. My scholarship is gone for good. To add insult to injury, I got a nice C in my Rhetoric class, my absolute worst English grade ever.

I think I'll go throw myself off a bridge.

Thank God


Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Cindy.

Memorial Day


So...I was noticing the other day that whenever I have something on my hip, in my arms, or against my chest, I have to bounce/rock/etc. like I'm holding a baby. Doesn't matter what it is-my computer, a textbook, a bag of groceries-anything. I don't notice I'm doing it. I wouldn't even be making this post had a lady in my class not said to me, "Wow, you must have a baby!" when she saw me exhibiting this behavior on Thursday.

I have to wonder if this is a genetic female thing, the whole mom instinct. Maybe I spend too much time with small children? I shall have to watch this now that I'm not a gymnastics teacher anymore and my time with toddlers is going to decrease drastically.


So I completed my first week of biology at UNH. I'm so glad I didn't go there. Hillsdale may be out to ensure that I never have a respectable GPA again, but at least my classmates aren't hung over and stoned.

The class will probably be pretty easy. The TA who does the lab has such a heavy accent I can barely understand him. Eh, I'll figure it out. It's all worth it for the bagel place up the street.

There is also a nudist park in Brentwood. Uh, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? That's just so incongruous with NH, especially northern NH.

I really need to figure out how to get videos onto my computer. People do it all the time; how hard can it be? Does anyone know how to do this?


Heroes = Is Peter dead?? I like Peter! Can he survive the explosion? What about Nathan? Could the blast at least reach the Wicked Witch of NYC, aka their mother? I guess all that will be answered in the fall.

I so called Matt buying it. Score! Though I liked him too. Poor fellow. I think he's the unluckiest Hero. But I thought Sylar would live to be a pain in everyone's neck again next season. And though I know it couldn't happen, I kind of wanted Mohinder to off him. I really wanted to hear that refined British accent say, "You have so got to die." Completely out of character, but I would have laughed.

Today in biology we were talking about isotopes. Apparently in the Seabrook area children are given a pill of radioactive iodine to take in the event of an accident at the power plant. Supposedly it will protect the thyroid from nuclear radiation.

Huh? What good's a perfectly healthy thyroid when the rest of your body's turning into a radiation sponge? People who buy this could only be public school teachers.

I'm contemplating making my journal friends only.


24 = awesome. The ending wasn't so hot but what else could they do? Poor Jack :(.

I have become addicted to Heroes. I must carve out an extra hour in my schedule this fall to watch it.

I have a hair thing. I notice everyone's hair. Peter and Isaac need haircuts and combs. Mohinder needs a haircut, a comb, and a razor. Somehow though it works for him. Hiro could use a haircut too.

I took some time to browse the Heroes fanfiction today. I wish I hadn't. Mohinder/Sylar? Hello! Mohinder = good guy. Sylar = bad guy. That's just disturbing. Nathan/Peter? BROTHERS! Peter/Claire? OK, even before we discovered they were related...Claire is a MINOR! EW!

That's all, folks. More biology tomorrow!

Saturday Morning Randomness

I mailed out my payment to Pembroke today. I hate spending money. I really hate spending money when the reason for spending it is my stupidity.

I sleep SO MUCH BETTER on my Bob-O-Pedic. It is AMAZING.

Monday is back to school for 5 weeks. I still have not a parking pass or my book.

Numb3rs = Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?? I like Colby!!! COLBY IS NOT ALLOWED TO BE A SPY!!! Grg.

I've been catching up on Heroes since I can't watch it at school. Yay for DVR!

I'll probably have something to say about all the immigration bruhaha later. Or maybe I'll spare you all since you know what I'm going to say. I'm still stutter-stepping back into talk radio and news, since I'm so isolated from all that in school.

Christina in the Dock

Last night I learned an important lesson I wish to pass on: should any of you receive a ticket in Pembroke Township NY, pay it. They require the officers to show in court and getting off a ticket is next to impossible.

So yes, the trooper who busted me showed. I thought I got off because there were 3 other people there contesting speeding tickets. All the other officers called them out to the hall prior to their trial and negotiated a bit. Mine didn't. I thought he wasn't there, but I was wrong.

Anyhoo, the judge was really nice to everyone except me. When I went up to trial the officer gave his testimony, which consisted largely of his expertise in using a laser. That might have been relevant had I been trying to contest the fact that I was speeding. My testimony consisted of "I was speeding, I shouldn't have been, but I had to get to school on time. I'm at your mercy."

The judge said, "Is that th best you can do?"

I wanted to say, "No, Your Honor. I could easily make up a much better story. But that would be lying under oath, and I've watched enough JAG to understand that's a bad thing." But I just said, "Yes, Your Honor."

The judge said, "Well this is easy. You're guilty as sin, young lady."

I said, "Yes, Your Honor, I am."

The judge looked at me like I was nuts and said, "So why are you here?"

"To be perfectly honest, Your Honor, I was hoping Mr. State Trooper to my right here wouldn't show tonight."

"What made you think that? Our troopers always show in court."

The judge had succeeded in making me feel like a dolt. "I wasn't aware of that, Your Honor."

The judge proceeded to take me to the cleaners about how I could have gotten in an accident and blah blah blah. I mean honestly. I took driver's ed. I have a mother who gave me this same speech.

The ticket was reduced "against Mr. State Trooper's best judgment" from $250 to $200. Better than nothing, I suppose. Now I just have to wait for my next hearing date for that ticket I got on the Mass Pike. And hope I don't get a ticket for not having a parking pass when I start bio at UNH on Monday.


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